Dorothy Rozga

Senior Advisor, Child Rights

Dorothy is an expert on the human rights of children with a long career working to end the sexual exploitation of children.

photo of Dorothy Rozga

Current work

Dorothy is responsible for developing and managing the Centre’s strategy on the realisation of children’s rights in and around sport. Dorothy also currently serves as a Senior Advisor or Board Member of several international child rights organisations.

Previous experience

Prior to joining the Centre, Rozga was Executive Director of ECPAT International, a global network of civil society organisations working to end the sexual exploitation of children. Earlier she was the interim Executive Director of the African Child Policy Forum. Between 1981 and 2012 Dorothy served UNICEF in various capacities in Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, India, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. At global level, she was responsible for the introduction of a Human Rights Based Approach to UNICEF’s Programming. Rozga was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Jamaica and Belize and served as Executive Director of Volunteer Services of Greater Kalamazoo.