We are a sports management company with Nigerian origins dedicated to providing opportunities for talents to showcase their unique abilities to a larger audience.


Our management was born out of a desire to propagate the development of sports on all levels in Nigeria and in the wider African perspective. Whilst working towards the development of sports at large and understanding the depth of the footballing community in Nigeria, we have developed a working understanding with Nigerian football clubs and academies with the aim of forging viable partnership and network with local talents who are deserving of a chance to perform on a larger platform.

Our extensive scouting network provides us with valuable insight to players both in recognized clubs and those who play on the ``street``.

We have a mission to mine out talents to the world by selecting candidates who pass through our recruitment process which meets international standard.

While growing, we realize the need to encourage and engage in more promising partnerships and ventures, thus we are keen on developing new relationships with various organisations and groups who share our vision and goals.

We are promoters of the beautiful game and we are ready to bring the world of Nigeria talent to you.


Considering the numerous factors that limit the African market no matter the potential some businesses show, we seek to chart our path on integrity, transparency, focus and delivery.
We are focused on promoting African football by providing a platform for players and talents to be heard and seen by an ever dynamic international audience.
We are firm and uncompromising in our value system and uphold truth, integrity and transparency in our affairs. Therefore, we do not subscribe to any and all forms of malpractice and falsehood that may be inherent in the African game.


We intend to collaborate with European clubs that have a desire for nurturing young talents into world beaters. Nurture in the sense that these discovered talents get a platform to showcase themselves and get groomed in line with getting them ready for a better future by these our reliable collaborators.




Damisi Abijo
Damisi Abijo
Club liaison and PR
Damisi is a self motivated lawyer whose flair for football has pushed him to to be part of this startup. He's a practising lawyer by day and a football lover every other time. He's also a freelance writer with a number of articles detailing European football at different times.
DDejiamisi Sarumi
Deji Sarumi
Project Cordinator
Deji Sarumi is an entrepreneur and a lover of Arts and sports. He is a dreamer who believes in the immense potential of Nigeria and Africa in sports. He is involved in local and national sporting activities and is the head of talent resource development of the brand.
Ridwan Oloyede
Ridwan Oloyede
Legal and business development
Ridwan is a sports afficiando who specializes in promoting African football around the globe. His love for the game and the African perspective has provided valuable insight to how to better develop a sporting brand.
Ademola Bashiru
Ademola Bashiru
Scouting and strategy
Ademola is a lawyer who played Soccer in high school as a centre back, his elder brother is a Coach in the irish league and his uncle Nosa Osagie played for stationery stores in the 80's, the love for football has pushed him to be part of this startup. He's a practising lawyer and passionate about the round leather game.


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